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COVitC is safe for young adults 16 years upwards. From age 12-16 years, half the adult dose. For under age 12, consult your healthcare practitioner.

If mothers are breast feeding, baby will receive the nutrients via the breast milk.  

You can absolutely take your products daily, however it is also good to take a 24 hour break once in while.

E4LG products are generally safe to take alongside prescribed medication. In the case of blood thinning medications or statins, always consult your healthcare practitioner before using curcumin based micellated products.

Women – start with Andro Plus, double dose for two weeks then move on to Estro Plus as recommended on the bottle for at least three months.

Men – Start with Estro Plus, double the dose for two weeks, then move on to Andro Plus as recommended on the bottle for at least 3 months.

There are no known negative side effects or contra indications with any E4LG products.

There are only 6 deposit locations around the world that provide high quality fulvic minerals. At Essence for Life we use one of these sources that combine both Terrestrial and Marine plant matter which is part of the humic structure of prehistoric composted earth layers produced by billions of microbes while decaying plant matter under oxygen rich conditions.

This ideal natural form makes it perfect for absorption in cells.

HHRX & mi.COVitC

Did you know Inflammation and mineral deficiency are at the root of almost all disease?

HHrx includes just 2 ingredients. The first, curcumin, is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory, which combats any increased inflammation within the body. The second ingredient is fulvic minerals which consists of 72 trace element minerals and Vitamins A through E, essential fatty acids and amino acids that our body vitally needs.

mi.COVitC is a combination of Curcumin, Olibanum (Frankincence) and Vitamin C working together for immune system support and regulation.

Olibanium works as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial and Vitamin C as a powerful anti-oxidant which strengthens the body’s natural defence and supports growth and repair in the body.

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