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Raven, the Founder and Creator of E4L, has been involved in the healthcare industry for over 35 years and has spent 15 of those years evolving and developing 17 Cancer Treatment centers in the UK.

He then became involved in the development of nutraceutical and nutritional products that had a real impact, always believing that everything we need in terms of nutrition already exists on the planet in plant form. His whole focus is to advance the value of natural nutrients in the human body using highly effective new scientific developments combined with the innate value of plants provided by nature – giving people everything they need on a daily basis

Our Products


HHrx is our core product and is an absolute basic necessity for good health. The subpolar CO2 extracted ingredients contain the full spectrum of plant Minerals and the specific alkaloid from Turmeric known as Curcumin, which is Nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory support.

At the root of all health issues mineral deficiency and inflammation exist.

Together these two-ingredient profiles, create a potent formula for your body by providing, The spark plugs of life.

Everything changed for us when we were able to begin delivering to the world a product range introducing a new unique science in the form of Stabilized MyCell technology.

We are completely focused on delivering the Incredible healing power of Plants the way nature intended, assisted by A science that until now has been beyond man’s reach. The discovery of how to create stable micelle structures in our laboratories using plant materials allows us to deliver active ingredients directly to the cells that are absorbed instantly and puts our products in a class of their own.

Giving Back


Essence For Life Global’s mission is Creating A Life Worth Living. Change Life CIC and the Sphere Foundation are the charities E4LG has chosen to extend support to those in need and undernourished throughout the world.


We will provide high nutritional superfoods, packaged as individual soups, shakes, and mixes that simply require water.

These superfoods will be packed full of vitamins and plant-based minerals to boost the health and immune systems of those most in need, as well as help stem the acute epidemic of nutrition deficiencies and the diseases this causes.

We will make these superfoods available through food banks and outreach organizations such as Shelter, Crisis, and, as well as commission new and existing projects that can reach and bridge a channel of trust with the homeless community.


We will provide shelter in the form of homes as well as community and support centers on an international scale.

We will establish home and housing projects for the homeless, poverty-stricken families, and veterans, working alongside new and existing projects and charity organizations.

Each unit will be compact, functional, and equipped with a range of plant-based, chemical-free household cleaning and personal hygiene products, where possible packaged in sustainable, biodegradable packaging.


We will support the homeless, poverty-stricken families, and veterans with projects and initiatives that will positively change lives and open doors back into mainstream society.

Projects such as a mailbox initiative, whereby homeless people will have access to their own smart mailbox facility for correspondence to and from an address. This is vital to enable them to have access to government benefits, support and employment opportunities.

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